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Ridiculous Return/Exchange Policies

I went to Babies R Us last week to exchange an humidifier that I bought on Black Friday. Babies R Us has a 90 return policy, and during that time, the humidifier that I bought quit working. When I went in to exchange it; Babies R Us wanted me to pay over $20 for the exchange because the item was no longer on sale. The customer service person didn't want to charge me $20 for the even exchange so she just handed me the new item and didn't issue me a new receipt, because the system would charged me the difference.
The same thing happened to me last year, but it was diapers instead. I bought several boxes of size 3 Especially for Baby diapers and wanted to exchange some for a size 4. If you know anything about the Especially for Baby line; you know that they all cost the same amount but the quantity is lower for every size you go up. Once again, I had my receipt, but they wanted me to pay over $15 per box for the even exchange. How ridiculous is that? I'm convinced that if I went in without a receipt that they would have let me have the larger size without any fuss. I used to think that Target had the hardest return policy but they don't have anything on Babies R Us/Toys R Us.
Is anyone else as frustrated with this policy as I am?