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Cleaning house

So I am all excited that I get to throw a baby shower for Mom2Mom's wonderful administrator, Mari.

When we first talked about having a shower for Mari and we picked out an April date, I thought "Fantastic...I will have all my spring cleaning done before then and the shower will be great."

But of course, life has a way of creeping up on you and I have yet to do my usual spring cleaning. Not that I don't clean my house regularly, mind you, but I was kind of hoping to have that deep clean done by now.

However, between t-ball practices, sleep-over for third grade girls and planting our flower bed. I haven't had time to clean.

So tomorrow, it is cleaning day, sort of...just the usual cleaning of floors and living room etc...

Sigh...I guess it will be June by the time I actually get the real spring cleaning done.