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Wanted/Needed: Free Gardener (and Free tickets for you)

I am not a gardener by any means.

I mean I could show you my yard, but I am sure you would think I uploaded a picture of a desolate, pathetic dirt field rather than the beautiful Southern Living yard (that I should have, but don't) so I will let your mind wander a bit instead of embarrassing myself.

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Of all the great traits I could have received from my mother or my grandmother (she’s even had weddings in her yard), their green thumb was not passed down to me. I mean I should have been given this special skill; I can remember listening to Neil Sperry when I woke up until lunchtime when I stayed with my grandparents. And they had a book with “Neil baby”  and some boots on it (now I really know the power of that southern handbook.)  

When I was young, I hated listening to that man, but I knew he was very important to listen to and I was to stay quiet until a commercial. It was like church in a way and my grandmother’s yard is the result of her devout listening for so many years – it’s beautiful. If only I had made some mental notes then rather than drowning him out, I would be armed to create something beautiful in my own yard…but hindsight is 20/20. 

I may have appreciated what they could do, I never really cared to put any effort into a yard until I got one. And did I. So now, here I am (somewhere between 20 and 30) and I got nothing when I look around  - well except a chance to hear (and see) Neil and perhaps make up for the last 20 years of not learning when he comes to the Arlington Convention Center for the All Texas Garden Show, Feb. 26-28. Although many of Neil’s followers will be there like my grandparents to get the skinny on some real gardening know-how, this event is perfect for a little Gardening 101 (which is SO what I need) and also, to get your hands dirty (with help.) They have a new “dirt stage” which is actually a DIY area for attendees to work one-on-one with an expert to learn how to create retaining walls, pavestone paths and even a waterfall for your yard.

Considering I am always looking for a discount and a way to try to do it myself, I think this is pretty ingenious way of getting the not-so-eager beavers out there.
And they haven’t forgot the kids with a Children’s Activity Center that is helps teach the kids about gardening with activities they will be able to bring home with them to continue their learning.  (Guess I should have had one of those when I was young and I would have paid more attention…)

So I am going…are you? I mean you can’t really ignore your yard or you’ll end up with one like mine that shows its unappreciation for my lack of care. I just hope I can help prevent your yard from going down the drain like mine – rescuing is a lot harder to do than maintaining!
If you want to go, be the first person to reply and you can be the winner of a family four-pack of tickets for the All Texas Garden Show.

Another freebie: Worried about the damage working in the dirt will blog post photodo to your hands? Well the first 2,000 people at the show get a full-size bottle of Lubiderm. Not too bad since that bottle is more than the price of a ticket – and you can even get a discount at your area Tom Thumb. So load up the stroller and come on out!