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Economical Kid Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

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Mother's Day is just around the corner, I know you are aware of that because outside of Christmas it seems to be the most commercialized holiday of the year! My kids, particularly my six year old, are always so interested in what I want for the big day.  They spend time planning and gathering money from their piggy bank trying to scrape up enough money to buy mom something extra special that says I love you and thank you for all you do! To be completely honest I would be quite happy with a warm bath, a glass of white wine, a nap and dinner all in the comforts in my own home....or the Ritz Carlton! Either way, here are some fun and in expensive gifts kids can make for Mother's Day, these are great for grandmothers, aunts, and teachers too!

  • Homemade Body Scrubs- This is one of my favorite gifts for kids to give to moms.  2 cups epsom salt, some essential oils like rosemary or vanilla, a little food coloring, and a cup of carrier oil or baby oil will do the trick.  Place the scrub in a glass jar and label it with a print out from the computer tie a ribbon and there you have a beautiful gift mom can use for months at a time.
  • Mother's Day Scrapbox- an inexpensive shadow box with some colorful paper and photos make a great and lasting gift for mom.  Go to your local craft store and purchase some great textured paper, ribbons, and word decals that express your gratitude for mom. Put them all together in a shadowbox with your favorite photos and make mommy a memory that she will never forget.
  • Personalized Magnets and Tins- Moms love pictures of their kids and anything personalized.  This gift is a perfect way to let mommy see her little sweethearts when she is at home or away.  Find a small silver tin or magnet, print out photos in black and white on an ink jet printer, cut the photos to fit the magnet, and paste.  A cute and inexpensive way to show mom how much you care.
  • Mother's Day Tote Bags- Find a simple cloth tote bag, iron on flower and heart decals, create a theme like " I love you because" and a box of permanent markers.  Have kids iron on decals, color them and add simple quotes to the bag.  This is an easy and budget friendly gift that moms can take with them everywhere they go.
  • Mother's Day Garden Kit- Find a great inexpensive flower pot, include flower and herb seed packets, a colorful glove and a few other gardening items, wrap with a bow and a beautiful message like "Mommy, I'm growing with love and it's all for you." Mothers will be inspired to plant the seeds and watch them grow just like their little ones. 
There you have it some fun and economical gifts for mom.  Not only are these gifts really cute but your kids will have a blast creating them! Mother's Day is about memories and nothing allows you to remember that special day like a hand made gift from kids!
Make it a great day!