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The Lost Art of the RSVP

I think I have written this blog out in my head a hundred times times in my life when I would host an event or activity and find that no one had ever RSVP’d and then several attended or worst case, everyone said they were coming and then no one showed up. However, it got me thinking about how basic manners have gotten thrown to the wayside over the years. Luckily, because I live in Texas, it is “southern law” that things like “ma’am”, “how are you” and opening doors still happen occasionally, it isn’t as prevalent as it was when I was a wee tot. I could start a whole new blog (I am going to put my name on that one for some day soon) on my observance of people not using manners (there should be a whole book written just on airplane travel etiquette…again, I digress)…but here are a few that really don’t take much from us, but we have trouble making time for nowadays.

Thank you notes

I remember that my momma would nag me incessantly to make sure I wrote my thank you notes as soon as I was given a gift. Thank goodness she did this because today I do my best to write them as soon as possible! I think thank you notes are important and because of this I have lots of stationery that I love to use so much, I have a problem parting with some it (that defeats the purpose). However, I do love to receive them as well – not so much because I need to have them, but that someone took time out of their busy day to give a couple minutes’ thought to think about me. That doesn’t happen much today, but it should.  I know I will carry this on to my children. At first with maybe their drawings or fingerprints on the card, but as he grows up, he will know learn like I did – this is the right thing to do.


This one is a hard one to remember especially with the use of electronic invites since it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. However, it is because it is so easy that people should be doing a lot more of it. I know we are all busy, but don’t you know that the host of the event you have been invited to is probably busy too? And one little email, phone call or click on that evite will make her life just a little bit easier? Not only have people spent time to put something together, but they also probably spent some money and you don’t want to be the person to blame when they get sent to the poorhouse (we’ll that might be a little overboard, but you catch my drift.)

Say Please

On my son’s favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba (if you have never seen it, I think you might want to brace yourself), there is a whole song designated to just saying “Please” and “Thank you.” I don’t know how it makes up a whole song , but it does and its simplicity drives home the point, you can get what you want when you say “Please.” Recently, my husband had gotten upset with me when I sent a text one day asking him to take out the garbage and not saying “please.”  As a chronic texter, I have gotten used to writing things in short, so I thought “please” was inherently understood, but when later I asked him to “please” pick up something from the store, he did it with no problems. I think in today’s world, we have all started to think that “please” is inherent in everything we do, type, write and say, so we have quit using it. So, please, try to use please as much as possible.


What originally got me all riled up aboblog post photout manners was looking at one

of the upcoming events I am covering, the Dallas Kids Expo, May 1 &2. One of the features at DKE is the Princess Tea Party. I would have loved this when I was little! Girls ages 4-12 are invited to partake in a tea party at the Royal Charm Palace at DKE and receive a mini-etiquette lesson dressed as a princess (you come in your attire), a proclamation with tiara and keepsake scroll, games, entertainment and more. Pretty cool I think and free makes it even better. There are limited spaces available, so if you think your little lady would love this, then
sign up for this free activity here .


I think it might be time for me to have a refresher course – I might have to ask if I can (I mean may I) join the party?!?

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