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Russian Roulette- The return of the adopted Russian Boy

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I was appalled when I logged on to MSNBC last week to find the article about the young Russian adoptee who was returned.  Not only was this child sent back to his homeland but he was sent on an airline....alone....with a note stating he was violent and has psychological problems.  Now granted no one will ever really know what happened in the household during the period in which the young boy was a member of the family.  However, the method by which the family decided upon his return couldn't have been crueler and I wonder what will become of this child.

Once the news hit the media in Russia, there was outrage among the people and the Russian government has threatened to suspend U.S. adoptions altogether.  The agency that participated in the adoption in the US as well as the mother of the adopted son are currently under investigation.  

Any type of suspension would affect hundreds of families in the U.S., last year alone more than 1,600 kids where adopted from Russia by U.S. families and more than 6,000 overall. 

 I personally know of at least 3 families who have adopted from Russia, and while teaching elementary school had 3-4 students who were Russian adoptees. I have seen first hand how successful this can be but with these cases all of the parents did state that there was an "adjustment period."  

I know everyone has there own thoughts about this case, many people would say we should be adopting more kid's state side, and with this I do agree.  However, what happens when we begin to pick and choose what we will and will not tolerate with adoptive kids.  When did it become ok to say hey this is far too complicated and well I just want to send them back?

My hope is that this child will be able to overcome this traumatic ordeal, but even more than that I hope that we will think long and hard before making those life long decisions, but most of all I hope for all the parents out there who still want to adopt.  

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