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I have long heard that little boys are magnets for dirt of any kind. As soon as my son was born, mothers of boys were oohing and ahhing over him and his sweet-baby-ness, only to say:

"Enjoy the sweetness while it lasts. Before you know it, you'll be scraping mud out of the carpet and scrubbing dirt out of his knees!"

Oh, how right they were!

This Spring, my sweet five-year-old boy has entered the dirt-phase with complete abandon. I am amazed at the things that get dirty, whenever he is involved! There are, of course, the dirt rings around the bath tub, the seemngly permanently dirty socks and the crusty baseball dirt that gathers like dust around his feet if he walks into the house without taking off his cleats.

These things, I might expect. But, lately, the amazement factor has set in.

Last week, at bedtime, after a bath that was even supervised my me, we sat together in his chair, reading books. I happened to look over at him and see that the INSIDES of his ears were caked with the previously-mentioned baseball dirt-dust! How does this happen? Do the INSIDES of his ears sweat and attract the dirt? This has certainly not ever happened to me.

This weekend, he came home from a birthday party and had chalk in his EYEBROWS.

Yesterday, he came home from preschool with additions to his rock collection that he had been carrying around in his pockets all day. Rocks, in and of themselves, aren't so bad, but unloading his pockets in the bathroom and sifting through the dirt from which the rocks were DUG OUT by his FINGERNAILS was another story. I need to send him to school with a pick axe, apparently.

Love him to pieces and need to buy stock in washcloth and soap companies!