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Free Food: Starbucks, Mr. Jim's and Cinnabon (Tax Day - April 15)

On this special time of year known as Tax Day, restaurants are making it a little less "TAXING" as you write out our check to Uncle Sam with some special offers - free ones!

Starbucks - Free Coffee

Come to Starbucks on April 15. Bring in a reusable mug and Starbucks will thank you with a free coffee. (The earth will thank you too.)

Mr. Jim's Pizza - Free Pizza

To get your free pizza coupon click on the pizza offers tab directly below this post. Then click on get my code and a new coupon with a code will appear. You do not have to print the coupon out, you can just write down the code. Then when you go online at to place an online order on the April 15just type the code in the coupon box. 


Cinnabon – Two Cupcake Bites

On April 15, from 6 – 8 pm, Cinnabon knows Tax Day “bites,” so go into your participating U.S. mall-based Cinnabon and pick up some of their delicious Cinnabites.

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Do you know of anymore other Tax-Day Freebies?