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Time to fly: Take 2

Well, I’m about to set out on my second flight with my little one. Our first trip, when she was about 3 months old, went great. She snoozed the entire three-hour flight. We’re taking the same trip this time (to see her grandparents), but I’m actually more worried about her now at 6 months than I was for her first flight. And I didn’t think that was possible!

At 6 months, she sleeps so much less. In fact, this last week she has been just about refusing to take naps. So I’m afraid I won’t have the sleepy infant I had during our first flight, which leads me to the nightmares: I don’t want to be the person on the plane with the screaming baby! I always feel so bad for those moms. Sometimes there’s just genuinely nothing you can do! Your baby’s ears hurt, she’s uncomfortable, and hey, she’s a baby. Sometimes babies cry! I’m just really hoping that doesn’t happen to us. I have some toys packed, and I’ll just keep hoping the white noise knocks her out, even it she isn’t due for a nap. Or I’ll just have to hope she’s happy in my arms. But she’s been so much more active lately, and so excited about her ability to roll places, that sometimes she just wants to get down on the ground and move.

Of course along with the no crying, I’m hoping for no delays. Whenever I hear stories of people sitting on the tarmac for hours, I think about how horrible that would be with a baby to worry about in addition to yourself! But no matter what happens, I’ll keep this piece of advice from my sister-in-law in the back of my head: You’ll probably never see any of these people again.