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Has Bullying Gone Too Far?

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you remember, the neighborhood kid who would show up on the playground and push everyone around.  The one who


started fights that noone ever wanted to finish.  The neighborhood bully was pretty popular, and not well liked.  That however was years ago,when bullying was the responsibility of one child who for whatever reason sought out every other kid to punish, hit, and belittle.  Now, bullying in groups has become much more popular and has even led several children to take their own lives.  Last week alone, two adolescents in different parts of the country , one right here in our local community committed suicide due to malicious and relentless bullying in their schools.  Cases such as these have been on the rise, and many fear that they will continue to grow if action is not taken to stop students inappropriate behaviors.

In one case students have been called to court and maybe held liable for the other child's death although it was clearly a suicide.  They maybe charged with civil misconduct and harassment, and although school officials where aware of the bullying none of them will be formerly charged.  This is an alarming and disturbing trend that must be stopped!

Tell me what you think about bullying? Has it gone too far? Should administrators and school officials be charged with criminal negligence if they were aware of the bullying and did nothing to stop it? Should teens be tried as adults and should parents be tried or fined? Your thoughts?

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