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Cinderella at Casa Manana

You have until April 18 to get your little ones out the door and over to Casa Manana for a delightfully-kid-friendly performance of Cinderella!

On opening night, the cast was in great form. As expected, the step-sisters were ridiculous, the fairy godmother was magical and Cinderella and Prince fell in love. The lead characters, especially the Prince, filled the theater with beautiful voices. Casa Manana is an ideal venue for this well-known fairy tale, easily lending itself to the suggestion of the castle, Cinderella's house and the all-important Ball.

Best of all, the running time is just under an hour. In this time, the story is well-told and the little ones don't lose interest. We had our three and five-year-old with us and had no problems. The production is colorful and predictable, without any frightening special effects. It is the perfect opportunity to begin a child's experience with live theater. Enjoy!

Good to Know: There is no intermisson, so make your restroom trips before the show begins. Also, your own budding Cinderella should feel free to attend the performace in princess attire. There were many crowns and magic wands in the audience. (The accessories are also on sale before and after the show!)