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Surviving a group of 9-year-old girls

I am halfway through my survival of a gaggle of girls.

Last weekend, my daughter celebrated her ninth birthday with a slumber party. And while, I've had the occasional sleepover at our house, I wasn't sure how things would go with 8 girls at my house.

I had games and crafts planned out, nail polish time set aside and movies that are essentially chick-flicks for the pre-teen crowd. But I was worried that there would be drama, or tears, or some girl left out.

Luckily, everything went off without a hitch. The girls all had a good time and nobody had hurt feelings during the 24-hour period my house was inundated with girls.

And now, here is the second half that I need to make it through.

Tonight, my daughter's girl scout troop is spending the night at the Fort Worth Zoo. Since the troop did very well selling cookies this year, the girls chose to use some of their money on the overnight Zoo experience. Being the cookie mom, I get to go too. (meaning: chaperone).

The girls vary in age between 9 and 12 and the Zoo has a variety of things planned. But when lights go out at 11 p.m., I wonder if the girls will too. The girls at the slumber party were up to 1 a.m., I can only imagine what it will be like tonight.

Wish me luck!