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No, not me. That would be an entirely different blog... 

I am referring to the fact that we are firmly planted in our three-year-old girl's world of "babies."

It snuck up on us. It wasn't overnight. Little girls get baby dolls as gifts, from the time they're way too small to play with them; we've had the babies around the house for quite awhile. It wasn't until recently that we noticed how completely the "babies" have entered our daily life.

Our daughter takes her mothering responsibilities very seriously. Like most moms, her babies are her first thoughts in the morning and her final thoughts at bedtime. Each has a sleeping place and must receive a lullaby. Each has a favorite blanket that must not be confused. Strollers, swings and baby doll juice cups abound. (I almost broke my ankle last week when I accidentally stepped on one that had found its way out from under an end table.)

How can we ignore the importance of the babies when we are now smart enough to pose the question:

"Okay, we're ready to go. Let's get in the car. Do any of the babies need to come with us?"

We know it's better to ask than to suffer the meltdown if the certain baby has been forgotten. And be sure, our daughter has an answer to the aforementioned question. We might hear:

"No, the babies are sleeping right now. We have to leave them alone and be quiet."

Or "Yes, Baby Abby is coming with us this time, because she needs some fresh air."

Or "Yes, Baby Stephanie and Baby Noel are coming with us this time because they had very good behavior." (Wonder where she got that one!?)

In any case, even though I was obviously a little girl myself, I was not one that loved baby dolls. My own mom expresses great joy at her granddaughter's baby world because I was such a disappointment in that particular category. So, this whole "very-real-pretend-world" of babies is foreign to me and is quite entertaining.

I had the best experience, yet, last night when my daughter finally climbed into bed after getting her babies settled and said:

"I'm tired. My babies are a lot of work."

Oh, if she only knew...