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What was it I was supposed to do????

I forgot to blog today, yesterday I forgot both kids lunches for school, and the day before that I forgot to set the alarm meaning everyone woke up late ( which by the way has been a recurring thing since I can't seem to shake the pregnancy sleep anyway).  These are the days of pregnancy that just want to forget!

What is it with forgetfulness and pregnancy, I just don't seem to understand it.  Do you forget because you have a thousand other things on your mind like...why in the world am I already needing maternity shirts and I haven't even gotten out of the first trimester, or will this delivery as good as the first or as bad as the last one, or dang it I have to go to the restroom....AGAIN!

Research shows that many pregnant mothers have some level of forgetfulness during their pregnancies, namely due to the fact I mentioned above there is simply too much on their minds.  Others claim their maybe evidence of verbal and mental deficits during pregnancy.  Still other research suggests that it's all in your perception...either way I am losing my grip and it's frustrating me big time!

So being the woman that I am, I have instituted some strategies to help me get through this period, which generally is found to be most prevalent in the first and third trimester....go figure.  My blackberry has always been my friend, but now we are BFF's! Sticky notes are everywhere and a to do list is a must if I just don't forget to read any of those I  think will be a-ok!  

Signing off for now,

Tiffany- Make it a great Mommy day!