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My mommy made it: Easter projects

Done with dying the eggs? Get the whole family involved with these colorful and easy projects you can bring out year after year.

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Glitter Egg Centerpiece

Give your Easter table a little sparke with this festive and easy project.

Best for ages 4 and up.


  • Styrofoam eggs'
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Craft paint
  • Foam brushes
  • Paper plates or bowls
  • Glass container


  • With a foam brush to paint the egg with a base color of craft  paint. You want your paint to be a shade of the glitter you plan to use. Let dry.
  • Pour glitter in paper plate or bowl.
  • With a foam brush coat egg with glue.
  • Roll egg generously in glitter. Let Dry.
  • Repeat all steps for each egg.
  • Place eggs in bowl or vase to display.

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Decorative diorama eggs

Diorama sugar eggs are one of my fondest memories of Easter. Here's a fun and simple craft you can make with the kids that
they won't be tempted to eat.

Best for ages 4 and up.


Supplies (available at local craft stores)

  • Paper Mache eggs
  • Craft paint (Light blue and light yellow)
  • White Glitter
  • Paper plates
  • Easter Grass
  • Peel and stick 3-D flowers
  • 1 Pink and 1 white pipe cleaners
  • 2 White pom-poms
  • Black paper
  • Low temperate glue gun
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Pencil



  • On the front of the paper mache egg draw a smaller egg shape as a guide for cutout.
  • Parents Only: Use craft knife to cutout hole in egg. It may take several strokes of the knife to score the cutout depending on the thickness of the egg.
  • With a foam brush, paint the inside of egg sky blue. Let Dry.

    With a foam brush, paint the outside of egg light yellow. Let Dry.
  • Pour glitter on paper plate.
  • With a foam brush, coat the outside of egg with glue.
  • Roll outside of egg in generously in glitter. Let dry.
  • With a foam brush, coat the inside of the egg with glue.
  • Sprinkle inside of egg generously with glitter. Let dry.
  • Place Easter grass in the bottom of the egg.
  • Decorate outside of egg with peel and stick flowers

  • Bunny:
  • For the head and body of bunny, have a parent glue two white pom-poms together with low temperature glue gun (I've found thatwhite glue doesn’t work as well with pipe cleaners, felt and pom-poms. Using the glue gun will decrease drying time dramatically).
  • With a parents help cut pink pipe cleaners and fashion bunny ears and feet. Use white pipe cleaners for bunny arms.
  • These do not have to be exact. Just to scale of the pom-poms purchased.
  • Cut two eyes out of black paper.
  • Have parent glue on ears, feet, arms and eyes with low temperature glue gun.
  • Place bunny on grass inside egg and display.

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