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My new second job...Planning a Disney Vacation

I need a vacation from planning my vacation.

This year, my husband and I decided that we would do the big Disney World trip. We had been waiting until our kids were a little older and would have the stamina to be at parks and would actually remember it.

And while we expected it to be expensive because we want to stay on property and spend a week there so we're not rushing through each park in one day, I wasn't quite prepared for all the planning that has gone into a vacation that is not until late August.

I feel like I have a second job. After I finish my real job with the Star-Telegram every day and get home, have dinner, get the kids to bed, it's back on the computer and reading guide books each night, making this feel like work.

Too many choices and too many decisions. I can't believe that last night I was on my computer at midnight booking a lunch reservation at Le Cellier for almost five months away. And we picked lunch because that was the only time available all day. Everything else at Le Cellier was booked already. What if I'm not in the mood for steak on Friday, August 20?

Since we're not planning on taking another Disney vacation for quite sometime (maybe ever...), I feel like I have to spend all this time up front making decisions like what park are we going to on Monday, August 15 or should we do the dining plan or not (will it be less expensive off the dining plan or can we eat all the food on the plan?)

So I finally booked a reservation for our hotel room today after finding out from the reservation agent that it was the only standard room left at the resort we wanted. And even though the res agent reassured me that I could make changes (add the water park option, take off the dining plan) to the package as many times as I wanted at no charge until 45 days out, I still feel overwhelmed.

Of course, he wished me a "magical" day when we were finished. I'm not feeling so magical right now.