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6 months feels like 6 weeks

It’s hard to believe, but the first six months of my daughter’s life have come and gone. They aren’t kidding when they tell you to savor every moment because they’ll fly by. It seems like just yesterday we were checking out of the hospital with the newest member of our family, trying to figure out how exactly to work the car seat. Now, like so many things we had never done before, it’s just second nature. We can no longer remember what life was like without her.

It seems like every new day comes a new adventure lately. And this week’s big adventure? Solid food. We started with the rice cereal a week before she turned 6 months old. And an adventure it was. Of course more of the cereal ended up on her face and hands than in her mouth. In fact, the first few days she had no interest in actually eating the cereal. The spoon? That’s a different story. But luckily our dog was more than happy to help out with any leftovers. (She leans over to the side of her high chair for kisses from her furry friend.) 

Today we moved on to a whole new world of food: oatmeal. And finally I have hope that my daughter will actually learn to eat real food, sooner rather than later. I guess I wouldn’t eat that bland rice cereal either if I didn’t have to! I can’t wait for her to try all the different veggies and meats. (Even though the meat looks as bad as dog food.) But most of all? I’m counting the days before I can take her out for her first ice cream cone. I’m sure that day will come all too soon!