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Itâ™s never too early for art

Bright colors and distinct patterns. These are two of baby’s favorite things to stare at. She’ll often spend minutes (this is a LONG time in her world) gazing over my shoulder at the painting that hangs above our couch. It’s of the modern-art variety, so I thought why not make our first family trip to an art museum since she seems to be interested in what’s hanging on our walls.

So last week, the three of us headed to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth for the “Andy Warhol: The Last Decade” exhibit. I had been wanting to catch this one before its run ends and thought it would be fun to see what my daughter thought. 

Like I should have expected, she slept through most of it. (But this gave my husband and I the chance to stroll leisurely through the exhibit, which was a nice change.) Eventually she woke up so we took her out of her stroller so she could get a look at the paintings. I thought she might especially like the one with Mickey in it. She looked interested for a few minutes, gazing over my shoulder, but who really knows in what. She’s at an age where anything new is exciting and worth a look. People she doesn’t know... rooms she has never been in... But at least it was satisfying to me to feel like I was doing my parental duties be exposing her to the arts, even though she’s probably too young to care.

Creativity is important in our household. I know in the future, when she gets older, my daughter will be taught to think analytically in all of the traditional subjects you get in school. I hope my husband and I can always remember to teach our daughter the importance of art, music and all the other creative subjects that she’s sure to spend much less time learning about, but that offer so much.

So this weekend we’re going to catch the Kimbell’s latest exhibit before it’s gone. Right now these trips might be more about the adults in our family, but in the future I hope our daughter will appreciate them as much as we do.