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Everyone Can be Irish Today

I love St. Patrick's Day.

Right in the middle of plain old March, sits a lovely holiday with a great reason to have a fun time and absolutely no celebration pressure.

There is no fancy dinner to fix for the relatives. No last minute rush to find the perfect gifts. No outside lights to hang. No neighborhood picnic to attend and bring "a dish to share."

This is just a day to be happy.

Find something green to wear and go for it. Today's the day to dye your kids' milk green and watch how fast they'll drink it. (Mine had two glasses this morning and it's usually a battle to get the first one down.) Stop in at the bakery at lunchtime and bring back green cookies for everyone at the office. Spread the cheer by personally delivering the treats. What's the occasion? It's St. Patrick's Day! Watch the whole office perk up.

Think of the dining possibilities at home tonight for dinner: the rule? Everything must be green.

Your kids (and maybe your husband) will thrill to a meal of pickles, cucumbers, salad, green chips and guacamole, grapes, olives, broccoli (watch them eat it!) and green popsicles for dessert. It's only once a year. Why not?

Download the Chieftains latest Irish jigs and demand a "dance-off" in the family room. You'll never get a better cardio-workout. Even better, it's happy music. You'll end the day on a positive note and send everyone off to bed with some good luck dreams.


With relatives with names like Gannon, Hendricks and Guinivan, St. Patrick's Day has always been a big deal in both my husband's family and my own. These days, we all need as much good cheer and luck as possible. Embrace your inner-Irish-party-girl and enjoy!