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Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone, well I know it's New Year's Eve but in just a few short hours we will embark on the beginning of a new era. 

It is so exciting to see the end of one decade and the beginning of another, and while there are some things in my mind that I am sure will follow me through the next decade there are just a few things that I have decided that I will put down and never pick up again. 

Here's a list of things that I would refer to as "life style changes", which I really feel is an appropriate name considering we are ending  one period and moving into another.

1.  I will not worry about being a perfect mom- I will be the best mom I can be and give 100% to my kiddos but if for some reason I fall short I will not wallow in guilt...noone is perfect.

2.  I will not worry about having the perfect body- After two kids, every diet imaginable, and working out until I cannot move the next morning.  I have finally come to the conclusion that I may not ever look like Heidi Klum six weeks after giving birth,  and you know what that is ok.  I will be committed to eating right, working out regularly, and taming my sweet tooth. I will love my body, love handles, baby pouch and all.

3.  I will be as committed to my spouse as I am to my kids.  Spouses can sometimes get lost in the mix, we get so wrapped up in being mommy that we forget we have a partner, in the years to come I will spend as much time if not more nuturing my relationship with my spouse, we will need the decade to come we can look forward to .....TEENAGERS!!!

4.  I will be committed to giving- I will give of my time and resources to help others.  I will do all of this without a desire to receive anything in return.

And that's a that it's out there I have all of you to keep me accountable.  I look forward to what will come in 2010 and the next decade, it is with true excitement that I enter into this new year, with high hopes and expectations of great things to come!

Happy New Year and Make it a GREAT Mommy/Daddy Day!