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How Dining Out Helped Me Save Money

Many of us have been watching our dollars a little more closely in 2009 and have made efforts to decrease our eating out for healthy, homemade meals. The restaurant industry combated our efforts by bringing down their prices and at times offering FREE FOOD specials to celebrate anything and everything to get us in the door instead of around our dining room table. Consider this their way to help us “Survive in ’09!” And it worked.

So I want to thank several restaurant chains for providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert several times during 2009. And I am not talking about a free apple pie, but truly providing “full meal deals” to Team Reo. In fact, looking at the retail price of the food, I can approximate I saved close to $150 in free food given during those promotions.


Dickey’s BBQ ($20)

Whataburger ($35)

Starbucks  ($10)

Chick-Fil-A ($30)

Boston Market ($30)

Taco Bueno ($10)

Of course, there were other restaurants who offered deals through 2009, but I didn’t necessarily take them up on it (what was I thinking?) Some of these included IHOP, Denny’s, Jack in the Box, Quiznos and who could forget KFC (never doubt the power of the O!)

I am not sure if the same type of marketing promotions are in the works for 2010, but if I were you, I would make sure you put these on the calendar. Besides, the saved dollars will help you buy those Starbucks when they aren’t giving them for free. J