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Live...from the North Pole...

It's Santa Claus!

At your house, have you been saying "Be good! Santa is watching!" since Thanksgiving? As we all know, sometimes it's effective at improving behavior and sometimes it's not.

However, if you're looking for a last-minute, fantastic Santa-reminder for your children, plus a good old-fashioned dose of Christmas magic, here's the website for you!

By simply completing some basic information about your child, uploading a photo and pressing "send," your child receives a personalized video email message from the Big Guy, himself. Billed as the Portable North Pole Device, the program seems to stream, live from the North Pole, just as Santa is getting ready to head out around the world.

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Watch your kids' amazement as Santa peers out from the screen and says hello to them, by name. Santa saunters over to his chair, opens up his book and checks his list! There, he finds a picture of your child, his or her age and his or her gift wish.

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My five-year-old was speechless, and that's really saying something. He absolutely loved it. The connection was made, too, that mom and dad weren't kidding about Santa watching him. How else could Santa know all of that detail?

The program is very easy to complete and takes only about five minutes. In my world, this is time, well-invested. The wonderful message from Santa is supportive and positive. Enjoy!