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Kwanzaa a celebration of culture, family, and community

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Kwanzaa is a holiday celebrated by many African American families in the United States.  While the holiday is celebrated in the month of December the holiday has no religious affiliation.  The celebration  runs from December 26- Janaury 1 with a focus on seven principles used to guide the ceremony.

These principles unity, self-determination, collective work, responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith are celebrated in conjunction with a focus on community involvement. 

  Kwanzaa is a great holiday for kids of all ethnicities, children are a huge part of the celebration  teaching them the importance of family, community, and cultural differences between themselves and others.  There are small gifts given such as books and symbols of heritage placing emphasis on the importance of education and culture. There is also a feast featuring African squash and other foods.

All in all Kwanzaa is a holiday that provides parents with a wonderful opportunity to look beyond the trappings of Christmas and focus more on giving rather than receiving. It will give your children the opportunity to begin the new year with a sense of self as well as an understanding of how the important they are to their community.  This year celebrate Kwanzaa with your children and experience the cultural difference.

Make it a great Mommy/Daddy day and Happy Kwanzaa.