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Hustle and Bustle

Every year, I promise myself that I'll plan farther ahead.

Every year, I plan to buy gifts early and have them wrapped and under the tree long enough to enjoy them while they look so pretty.

Every year, I think I will be more organized or more able to get things done, because my children are older and I've had more practice.

And yet, every year, including this one, I feel frenzied and hurried and way behind on my big list of Christmas duties. How did this happen, again? Why didn't I take advantage of my time in the Fall and get some of this stuff done?

Well, the answer, I've only recently realized, is that the Hustle and Bustle is actually part of the fun. I don't want to Christmas shop in September in a quiet, empty mall. I want to shop on December 20th, as I run into other busy people who are also weighed down by packages and are also scarfing down a hot pretzel to keep up their shopping energy.

I am not interested in prepping my Christmas Cards in between pumpkin patch trips in October. I like working through my address book, late at night, after eveyone else is in bed, as December 25th creeps nearer.

So, I'm officially giving myself a break. I'm admitting that I actually WON'T plan ahead or promise myself that I'll get things done early. I don't want to. How thrilling it is to acknowledge that all of this frantic activity is of my own choosing.

'Tis the season to enjoy the chaos and welcome the sugar-highs!

Happy Holidays!