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Christmas Card Chaos

I love Christmas Cards! I love to get them and see how everyone's kids have grown up and because I love stationery, I also love to see all the cool designs. In the past I have been very good at sending cards, signing each one and addressing it personally for that Martha Stewart touch. However, last year I began doing something different.

I did a small run of printed greeting cards and then do an electronic so I could make sure that I included everyone. Now we come to year 2 and not only have I run out of time to do them, but I am wondering if the electronic one is just a better (and cheaper) option all together. I mean with postage and cards nowadays, I needed a small budget of at least $200 to do cards. And the free one can go on Facebook too and inclue some many more photos!

So is it just too impersonal to go to the all-electronic card? Do I lose the Christmas spirit? And worst of all, will everyone not send me theirs now? My bulletin board will be so bare!