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Paint It Black

I was less than impressed with this year's black friday ads.  Maybe last year was just better...

Maybe it's just because last year we were jonesing for one huge big-ticket item for the family - a large flat-screen TV, on which we were due to save $700 or so by camping for it.  Maybe it's because it was just me, Hubby, the girl and my sister-in-law (whose age falls somewhere in between mine and my stepdaughters) sitting out in the cold. Maybe it was the million runs to 7-11 for hot chocolate and the million runs back to use the bathroom and refill an hour later. Maybe it was because we got out there at 11 p.m. all set for a night of movies - Elf, Office Space, etc. Maybe it was the newness in that we'd never "done" black friday before. Maybe it was the thrill of being first in line, especially once the doors opened at 6 a.m. when there were no less than 300 people behind us at Conn's. Maybe it's because we started getting rained on sometime between 3 - 4 a.m. and I ran back to my car to get a rain poncho out of my "safety kit" my parents had stashed for me no less than 10 years ago. (And maybe that poncho was originally purchased for girl scout camp circa 1990 and it never got used... and maybe it had my first name, middle initial and maiden name written in black sharpie on the inside... and maybe as soon as I tried to put my head through it, the whole thing split down the middle. It was the hardest plastic ever - I think it had been strategically folded up sometime in the 90s and never touched since.) Maybe it was hilarious.

Maybe this year it just didn't seem as fun. Maybe it's because our daughter was a Debbie-Downer about the whole thing and opted to go to bed at 7:45 p.m., citing boredom and "Are we just going to Target?" even after a beautiful day with the family (immediate and extended) — our son, on the other hand, was excited and even played the "but I've never gotten to camp out in front of a store before" card when we announced at 10:30 we probably weren't going to go. :(  Maybe we're just tired. Maybe it's been a rough year for everyone and we're all just tired.

Or maybe it's because we looked through all the black friday circulars and made a list out of the great deals, and then realized we already have closets piled full of gifts we'd been snatching and stashing for months and we'd really just be going to spend the money for the thrill of the stakeout. Maybe we started to remember that while last year was fun, we were delirious when we got home and went to bed at 10 a.m. Maybe it's just not that appealing to lose a whole day of our 4-day weekend sleeping it off.

Or maybe, just maybe, we realized how thankful we are today for all that we already have and decided the rest just wasn't that important.

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, and to those of you camping out for that big-ticket item this year, I wish you lots of laughs, oodles of hot chocolate and no rain - have fun & stay warm!

PS: I just assisted in shutting down the Old Navy website and I will wait like a hawk for it to come back up.  I had 25 items in my cart and they better not be deleted! lol $5 fleece for everyone, are you kidding me?!  I'll definitely camp by my computer and wait.  ;)  Happy shopping!