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I Met My Son Today

We pulled up 10 minutes early and they were already there. 


OMG, what do we say? Do we hug him or will that freak him out? Is he excited or scared? Will we be able to take a picture of him?


As soon as we got out of the truck, none of that mattered, because our new son belted out, "Do you live on a ranch?" Hubs and I glanced at each other and snickered.  "No, why?" we said. He flipped directly to a page in our family's book to a photo of our daughter riding a horse.  We explained that we went horseback riding on a camping trip to Oklahoma last fall and that we would be going again this fall, so he'd get to ride one too.  "Cool."


Then, before I had another second to think, he said, "You and I have something in common! You love country music and I love country music!" I said, "Awesome!" Then he turned to my Hubby and said, "And you like camping... I like camping." 


As we sat and started talking about likes and dislikes, we realized he must've studied our family's book pretty hard since he'd only received it 24 hours before... he was reciting facts about us, to us - it was funny.  His caseworker smiled and mouthed to us, "He memorized everything." There was some comfort in that for me - had it not been apparent already, I knew he was as excited to meet us (and as nervous) as we were to meet him.


He is very much a little boy and is into all the same things little boys are into.  


Since his caseworker told him his name would change, he wasn't upset - he asked if he could change his first name to Eragon while we were at it (after the dragon rider books). LOL!


The contents of his cargo short pockets were: 

• plastic shark

• rock ("worry stone" for rubbing if he felt nervous) 

• package of tictacs, which he offered to us freely: "Lemon or lime?"


Fave animal: Dog... and Dragon (of course!)


Fave subject in school: Reading


Fave sport: Basketball


Surprise: He doesn't like french fries! (I wish I had that issue!)


Making silly faces ensued (and photos of all of us making silly faces)... the whole time just felt so natural.


Fave singer: Tim McGraw


More talking about fave video games, activities, movies, music, school, friends, family...


He was very nonchalant about the specifics, which was refreshing.  It didn't seem like any topic was off-limits and that was great, too. I hate having to walk on eggshells and I'm glad that's not an issue with him, since I am used to being able to talk freely and openly with my daughter about just about everything.  


All in all, it was an amazing first meeting. We hugged and said goodbye after setting up a time to pick him up Friday morning to come to our house for a weekend visit.  We are elated and everything else seems like a breeze now - I'm not nervous or anxious at ALL. We're resting easy tonight and hope he is too; we'll be together soon enough. Now that the first meeting is over, I know everything else will just fall into place naturally.