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Zero Kids and Hundreds of Worries

This time next week I'll be able to tell you all about my son! He finds out about us on Monday and we get to meet him on Tuesday at his foster home and maybe take him out to lunch. Then we can talk to him on the phone if we want for the next couple days and he’ll come for a three or four day visit to our home over that weekend.  We’re so excited!  I’m just now starting to get nervous though.  We have to be very careful not to overwhelm him, but what are we supposed to do for three weeks all together? It’s too hot to do much outside, but would Hurricane Harbor be appropriate or would that be too overwhelming?  Maybe Hawaiian Falls or something smaller?  We’ll have to play it all by ear, which I hate.  I have no plan and I’m not in control – there’s my problem.  All I can do now is hurry up and wait though, so I better put on my big girl panties and just deal with it.  No sense in worrying about things we can’t control, right?

Our other kiddo is off at camp this week and next – I hope she’s having a blast.  It’s funny, but when she’s away at her mom’s I don’t think much about whether she is having a good time or not and I don’t worry about her much at all.  But ever since we dropped her off at camp, I am worried to death – is she having fun?  Making friends?  Is she hating us right now for sending her to this yuppie, hippie place?  Yes, she’s 14 and about to enter 9th grade, but she’s never been to a sleep-away camp before, and this is a two-week one!  We thought it would be good since she’s getting older to have that opportunity to be a little independent and make some decisions, meet some new people, etc. in a safe environment.  She acted all cool about the idea of camp ever since we told her, but then when we were packing her up the night before and labeling everything imaginable from underwear to towels, she says, “What if no one likes me?” Awwwww!  I didn’t know she was feeling like that at all – it was like kindergarden! It made me wish she at least had one friend there she already knew, but maybe it’s better that she doesn’t?  She’ll have to choose what she thinks is important about herself and an appropriate way to present herself to new people – a great lesson for entering high school... Or a disaster.  We’ll see!