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Project: Monogram Wreath

Give your door a little personalized holiday cheer with this monogram wreath.


Supplies (Available at craft stores)

3 to 6 ft of artificial garland

2.5" wide wire edge holiday ribbon

1.5" wide gold ribbon

16" wide wire wreath frame

Floral wire

Wire cutters


Wire wreath form

Cover form by wrapping it with 1.5" wide gold ribbon. This will serve as the base for the monogram.



Form one long piece of garland into letter. You can wrap the letter again with another layer of garland to make it fuller if needed. The finished letter should extend 1" to 2" over the top and bottom of wire wreath form.

Secure letter to ribbon wrapped form with floral wire at the top, bottom and center of letter.


Suspend wreath ring from a tied loop of ribbon. Create a bow and tie it to the top of loop. If you have a hard time creating bows buy a pre-made bow and attach it to the top of the ribbon holding the wreath.

Hang wreath on door.