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This weekend, I went on a shopping-eating-girls trip with my mom and my sister. We had a great time, enjoying our freedom to eat whenever we wanted and take as much time as we wanted in the shoe department at Nordstrom.

Of course, I thought of this as my "getaway" weekend. It was. What I'm realizing, though, is that it was also a "getaway" weekend, of sorts, for my husband and my kids.  Yes, I'm calling it a "getaway" from mom weekend.

You experienced moms out there will know exactly what I mean. When Mom is away, Dad and kids will play! My daughter chose her own outfits. My son got to play catch in the house. They all ate chicken nuggets and spaghettios to their heart's content. On Saturday morning, the three of them went out for donuts WITH frosting. I'm not sure that any milk was consumed. While baths were taken and teeth were brushed, it involved a 90-minute game rather than a 20-minute fire drill. Hair might have been combed, but probably not. Bedtime was a bit later than usual and was paired with twice as many bedtime stories and songs.

I think a term for this phenomenon might just be "Dad Camp:" a few days where rules are loosened, time doesn't matter so much and everyone feels a little bit goofy. 

When I came home on Sunday night, the three of them were doing puzzles and watching football. My husband was wearing a baby-doll's headband and my son was quick to inform me that I was missed, but "not too much. "

I've found that all of us are back in the routine this week, having enjoyed the getaway.

Note to self: Getaways come in many different packages and all are good for you.