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Movie Review: Disney's The Princess and the Frog

Movie Review: Disney's The Princess and the Frog

Best for ages:           

Rated G / best for any age

What it is about:      

Set during the “Jazz Age” in New Orleans, a hard-working waitress (Tiana)  meets a money-hungry prince cursed into being a frog (Prince Naveen) from a Voodoo doctor (Dr. Facilier).  A kiss turns Tiana into a frog and the movie follows their adventures through the bayous of Louisiana to turn them both human again.


Why we like it:         

It is “old-school” Disney, drawn in the manner of classics like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Lion King.  It is also shows the classic battle between good and evil with a happy ending tied up with a big bow.  While it is old-school, it does take a bit of a detour from the classic stories in that the setting is not in a fairy tale land, it is in New Orleans during the Jazz age.  It also seems to be true to the time period and does not try to modernize any aspect of the setting. 


Good to know:         

The movie drives home the point that hard work and staying true to your heart are the keys at being happy in your life.  It shows with great clarity the racial divide of the time period (rich white people living in the French Quarter and the poor black people living in row houses), however it also displayed the blending of both cultures and did not emphasize any racial undertones and no one appeared to be discriminated against – their lives intertwined harmoniously.


Food for thought:     

Keeping with the culture of New Orleans, voodoo plays a large part in the movie.  The bad guy (Dr. Facilier) can be reminiscent of the the evil queen in Snow White or Jafar in Aladin, which is a far cry from the "bad guys" in Disney's Pixar offerings.

Grade: A