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Cheap and Chic: Brow Basics

Stuck in a beauty rut? Here's a little secret: change your brows, change your whole look.

Anastasia Soare, the brow guru to the stars, shared her beauty advice with me.  " Being a mom is the hardest job on the planet. Maybe you don't even have time to brush your hair. So forget about a complicated beauty routine and spend 5 minutes on your brows. Because brows shape everything."

Here are Anastasia's tips to get well-groomed brows.

 1. Bigger is better. Anastasia says the No. 1 mistake women make is overtweezing their brows. Thicker is definitely better than thinner. Think Brooke Shields.  Seriously, can you get more beautiful than her?

2. Shape up. Make a line up from the middle of your nostril. This should be where your brow begins. Then diagonally align the bottom outside corner of your nostril with the outside corner of your eye (above your cheekbone). This should be where your brow ends. Still not sure? Anastasia makes stencils that take away the guesswork. Just fill in the shape with brow powder and tweeze anything that falls outside the stencil.  


3. Invest in tweezers. Tweezers are the most important tool, so invest in a good pair (around $2o to $30). Anastasia says pointy is dangerous, so look for a slant edge.

4. Do double-duty. Looking to save a few bucks? Use eyeshadow instead of brow powder, and hairspray instead of brow gel.

Where to buy: You can get Anastasia's complete line of brow products at Sephora and Ulta. At Sephora you'll find:

- Splurge: All About Brow Kit ($75) includes tweezers, brow powder duo, four brow stencils, angled brush, brow gel, highlighting pencil

- Budget buy: Mini Brow Kit ($25) includes mini versions of tweezers, highlighter and brow gel

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