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Cheap and Chic: Good Hair

What I love about three-years-olds: they’re straight shooters. They call it like it is. There is no subterfuge, no hemming and hawing, no searching for a kinder, gentler way to say something.

A few weeks ago, my sister and I uncovered a 1980s-era photo of us, featuring shellacked helmet hair and mall bangs that defied gravity. My daughter pointed at the photo and said emphatically, “You have bad hair.” She then proceeded to toss her own lustrous pixie locks, smile in the mirror and say, “But I have good hair.” Ouch. Heartless, but oh so true.

Over the years, I'll admit to some pretty bad hair. A gelled-to-the max perm in junior high. The "wind-swept" look in high school that required frequent locker visits to reapply hair spray. A terrible mullet-esque cut in college that my friends still tease me about. (In my defense, this was not the look I was going for and I cried myself to sleep every night for weeks until the sides grew out.)

Thankfully, I finally found a stylist who gave me a short cut that suited my fine hair. And introduced me to the wonder of product. (I love how stylists always use the word in the singular sense.) Hair product changed my life. And my current favorite product is a wondrous little miracle-worker called Head Organics Styling Wax.

When I apply this pomade to my strands, it's like turning straw into gold. My lifeless locks get a boost of volume, my short layers are perfectly piece-y. It adds a tinge of glamour to my otherwise very unglamorous life. Plus it smells divine — a light botanical scent— and is free of parabens and sulfates.

I think even my pint-sized beauty consultant approves — she just told me I was pretty. But I should change out of my pajamas.

At least my hair looks good.

Find it on Amazon, $19.98 for a two-pack

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