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Tinkle, Tinkle little star!

The other day I was watching tv and a commercial came on that I related to in a way I never thought I would. Picture this, two women in a boutique make each other laugh by putting on a ridiculous sweater. Laughing commences....then leakage. The whole point of the commercial is that sometimes we just can't hold it so get "said product" with great absorption and you will avoid embarrassing moments.

Excuse me, but am I 80 years old? I never thought that I would be at a point in my life where a sneeze, good laugh or the sound of water would make me pee my pants. Well, I am here to tell you, I am indeed there.

Although I love them, I blame my children!

I don't care how many Kegel Exercises I have done it still happens. This got me thinking about the progression of life through undergarments. It goes like this.....


Diapers, flowery panties, leopard print thong, white granny panties, diapers

Until they come out with leopard print adult diaper thongs I will avoid allergies, comedy and fountains....wish me luck!