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5 bittersweet reminders that I'm getting old (btw if you were born in the early 70s you are too)

Whether it's my bad back acting up when walking with a friend or pop culture milestones in the news, I'm regularly reminded that my age is quickly reaching the top of the hill. Here are a few examples that have me a bit irritated that I'm closer to 40 than ever before.

5. Ralph Macchio of "Karate Kid" fame is on the Today Show taking about his children and a remake of the movie that made him famous. Frighteningly, he looks exactly like he did in the posters I had plastered all over my pre-teen wall. P.S. can I get the name of the face cream he's been using all of these years.

You watch the Star Wars trilogy with your kid and you realize the Harrison Ford you once lusted over now looks more like Yoda than Han Solo. Reality bites!

3. Jo from the "Facts of Life" (Nancy McKeon) is now playing the mom (Yes, I said mom) on the new Disney Show "Sonny with a Chance." Seriously a mom of a teenager? Lord help me.

blog post photo2. "Say Anything" is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. I can't believe it is possible that a movie that defined my generation is now a "classic."

1. Sesame Street is bleeping 40. I still remember watching the show with my mom and now I'm watching it with my kids. When did I get as old as a giant bird!