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All about Ryan Henderson

We asked our five finalists to answer the following questions, allowing readers to know more about each of the dream prom candidates. What follows are their candid responses.

Name: Ryan Henderson

School, grade: Irving High School, Senior

Prom theme: Black Tie & Diamonds

Describe your 'dream prom: I've never been to a prom before, so I'm not sure of what to expect. I would want my prom to be as perfect as possible and have a good time with my friends

Tell us about your prom date: I do not have a date to my prom at the moment

Favorite TV show: The Hills

Favorite movie: Meet the Robinsons

Favorite sport/team: Volleyball, the Dallas Mavericks

Favorite color: hot pink, teal, lime green

Favorite song: Currently, 'Freeze' by T-Pain

Favorite flower: Tulips

Favorite clothing store/designer: Forever 21, Charlotte Russe

Describe your personal style: I love pinks and teal colors, anything with stars on it. I also love to dress classy, but sometimes sporty and laid back.

Favorite meal: Crab & shrimp alfredo

Favorite celebrity: Keyshia Cole

Who is your idol and why? My mother. No matter what, she never gives up on anything and does whatever she can to make sure my brother and sister don't go without. And most of all, because I love her.