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All about Michelle Erwin

We asked our five finalists to answer the following questions, allowing readers to know more about each of the dream prom candidates. What follows are their candid responses.

Name: Michelle Erwin

School, grade: Arlington Lamar High School, Senior

Prom theme: TBD

Describe your 'dream prom: My 'dream prom' is a stress-free night with my best friends having fun dancing and spending time together.

Tell us about your prom date: My prom date, Greg Thomas, has been my best guy friend for the past four years. He is also in the Lamar Band and is the Vice President. He deserves this opportunity, too. He is one of three children of a single mom who works at the G.M. plant in Arlington. Due to the recent economic problem G.M. has been having, the last thing Greg wants to think about is the stresses that come with prom.

Favorite TV show: The Closer, Heroes, The Office, Chuck

Favorite movie: The Sound of Music, Juno

Favorite sport/team:The Cowboys (even though I am a little bitter about the past season)

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite song: 'Say It Ain't So', Weezer; 'Californication', Red Hot Chili Peppers; 'Don't Stop Believin' ', Journey

Favorite flower: White lillies and yellow roses

Favorite clothing store/designer: Forever 21, Nordstroms

Describe your personal style: I would say that my personal style is simple and classic. I like solid colors. I am not afraid of loud patterns.

Favorite meal: Anything with potatoes

Favorite celebrity: Tina Fey

Who is your idol and why? My idol is my grandmother, Eleanor Lyon, who at 88 years old is a strong, intelligent, forty-year breast cancer survivor. My grandmother has always been our family's rock, especially when my grandfather passed away last September. My grandmother is a true hero.