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All about Lauren Romero

We asked our five finalists to answer the following questions, allowing readers to know more about each of the dream prom candidates. What follows are their candid responses.

Name: Lauren Romeo School, grade: R. L. Paschal High School, Senior

Prom theme: Not set yet, but might be 'One Night to Remember'

Describe your 'dream prom: My 'dream prom' consists of me wearing a beautiful gown with a date who picks me up in a limo and has flowers for me. We would show up to prom and have a great time dancing with our friends one last time before graduation.

Tell us about your prom date: I do not have a prom date yet. Someone might ask me, but I really want to go with my twin sister, Lindsay.

Favorite TV show: What I Like About You

Favorite movie: Simon Burch, Stepmom, and Crazy/Beautiful

Favorite sport/team: Dallas Mavericks

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite song: 'Don't' - Billy Currington

Favorite flower: Red roses

Favorite clothing store/designer: Francesca's Collections, Betsey Johnson

Describe your personal style: I like all sorts of different styles, but I'm really into comfortable but cute clothes - sort of summery, really flowy shirts and all different patterns. Relaxed and casual.

Favorite meal: Fettuccine alfredo

Favorite celebrity: Reese Witherspoon

Who is your idol and why? My mom is my idol. Even though she is no longer with us, she has taught me many things. She was a single mother of six, hard-working and loving at the same time.