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All about BrynMae McCausey

We asked our five finalists to answer the following questions, allowing readers to know more about each of the dream prom candidates. What follows are their candid responses.

Name: BrynMae McCausey

School, grade: Arlington Martin High School, Senior

Prom theme: TBD

Describe your 'dream prom: My dream prom would be ... me and my date going to a romantic restaurant for dinner, with me in a floor-length red silky dress that has a low-cut back and a small train, with the perfect pair of high-heels in silver. Afterwards, we'd arrive at prom in a vintage car, like a '69 Corvette. As far as hair and makeup, I'd like to have a pretty up-do and simple, old-school makeup (black eyeliner on top, with mascara and red lipstick).

Tell us about your prom date: His name is Chris. He's really sweet and shy and adorable. He's also an old-fashioned kind of guy. He's the son of a single, hard-working mom. He's very musically talented, and has a big heart. He's always there for people when they need him.

Favorite TV show: Survivor

Favorite movie: Never Been Kissed

Favorite sport/team: Snowboarding / Shaun White

Favorite color: Red

Favorite song: 'Things Aren't So Beautiful Now', A Thorn for Every Heart

Favorite flower: Charmes Peruvian Lillies & Freesia

Favorite clothing store/designer: I've never really been about labels, but as far as formal-wear goes, when it comes to designers, I like Clarisse, Paparazzi and Jovani.

Describe your personal style: I love vintage clothes! I like to mix vintage with modern and make my own style. I usually wear form-fitting clothes since I'm kind of skinny. I love anything red or anything old-school, like high-waisted skirts and shirt dresses.

Favorite meal: My mom is an amazing cook, and she used to serve wonderful grilled steaks with homestyle creamed corn, grilled asparagus and a salad. It's by far my favorite.

Favorite celebrity: Johnny Depp Who is your idol and why? My idol is Aubrey Hepburn, because she was so beautiful and talented, but she didn't let her fame go to her head. I really respect all the work she did in Africa after she stopped acting.