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All about Missy Jones

We asked our five finalists to answer the following questions, allowing readers to know more about each of the dream prom candidates. What follows are their candid responses.

Name: Missy Jones

School, grade: Saginaw High School, Senior

Prom theme: Hollywood

Describe your 'dream prom: Getting ready with my closest friends and taking lots of pictures. Riding to prom in a limo and having an amazing time with my friends to end my Senior year.

Tell us about your prom date: He is my boyfriend, as well as my best friend. So I know that even if we don't work out, we would still be there for each other.

Favorite TV show: That 70's Show, Law & Order, American Idol

Favorite movie: Corrina, Corrina

Favorite sport/team: Volleyball

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite song: 'Lost and Found', Randy Rogers Band

Favorite flower: Daisy

Favorite clothing store/designer: Buckle, Wet Seal

Describe your personal style: Sophisticated, yet fun.

Favorite meal: Anything from Subway

Favorite celebrity: Carrie Underwood

Who is your idol and why? My sister, because she's made countless mistakes in life, but that has never stopped her from getting back up and starting over again.