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Michelle Erwin's entry essay

In order to be considered for the Takes You to Prom contest, entrants had to write an essay of 350 words or less telling the selection committee why they should be awarded the prom of their dreams. Below is the essay written by Michelle Erwin, a senior at Lamar High School. Her prom is on May 24th at Lone Star Park.

I am one of those many senior girls, who desperately want to attend the prom of her dream.

I have dreamed of this ever since I saw my older sister getting ready for her prom, and pictured all of the details in my mind...

I never imagined the difficulties I would encounter, searching for the perfect dress, the tuxedo for my date, and saving for the other countless expenses. The cost of a dress, tuxedo, hair, and means of transportation as you well know is at least three hundred dollars, and then there is the hours of searching, shopping, and preparation that every high school senior girl experiences.

Most of the girls in my class do not have the cash necessary lying around to pay for this once in a lifetime event.

Unfortunately no one made instruction manual of how to balance your life as a senior, who is the Lamar High School Band President, as well as actively involved in Girl Scouts of America, the National Honor Society, and attempting to work as many hours as she can at her part-time job.

The money used for my prom would be more useful paying for the gasoline for my car, everyday expenses, as well as end of the year activities such as band trips, graduation announcements and maybe a newer car to replace a beat-up eighteen year old car, Ronda the Honda, a family hand-me down.

I fully realize that I am not the only girl who is struggling to stretch a dollar in these tough economic times.

However, I really appreciate the fact that the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is making one girl’s dreams come true and her prom night unforgettable.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for this great opportunity and honor.