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BrynMae McCausey's entry essay

In order to be considered for the Takes You to Prom contest, entrants had to write an essay of 350 words or less telling the selection committee why they should be awarded the prom of their dreams. Below is the essay written by BrynMae McCausey, a senior at Martin High School. Her prom is on May 23rd at Dallas Market Center.

My name is BrynMae. I am 17 years old and a senior and Martin HS.

I am a straight-A student, but let me tell you -- it wasn’t always like that.

When I started my freshman year, I was a total bum. I was flunking out of high school, ditching class, and hanging out with the wrong people. My life was headed down the drain.

I was living with my mom and stepdad in Colorado. My stepdad had anger problems and was abusive towards my mom and me. After a serious fight, one where the cops became involved, my mom sent me to live with my grandparents in Texas so I could get away from him.

After I got settled into life down in Texas, I started to turn my life around.

I finally found the right group of friends and started actually going to school for a change.

That was when I realized that making all A’s wasn’t impossible, or even hard, really. I even started volunteering at Special Olympics.

Two and a half year’s have passed since I moved down to Arlington, and I am now proud to say that I have perfect grades and I am going to graduate right on schedule with a few extra credits.

This is my last chance to have a dream prom. Before, I was too busy making bad decisions to get to experience a big prom.

I’m a fun loving girl, I look good in any thing, and I’m very adventurous when it comes to clothing and hair styles. I think that everyone would have a ball getting to dress me and I think that I deserve to finally have a picture perfect prom.

Winning this would be a dream come true and a perfect ending to my Cinderella story.