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Missy Jones' entry essay

In order to be considered for the Takes You to Prom contest, entrants had to write an essay of 350 words or less telling the selection committee why they should be awarded the prom of their dreams. Below is the essay written by Missy Jones, a senior at Saginaw High School. Her prom is on April 18th.

To start it off, my dad has recently lost his job due to a disabling disease. It has affected his ability to do small things that everyone takes for granted, such as walking and thinking.

My family and I try to stay strong, but it is sometimes really hard because now we are living on just my mom's limited teacher salary.

We are slowly going broke and, it being my senior prom, I am going to want it to be amazing. At the same time, I don't want to put a burden on my family with all of the costs of little things here and there.

I have a job working at a local restaurant, but don't know that what I make is going to help with many of the expenses for prom considering I now have to pay for things that I never had to before to help my family get by.

I would be so gracious and thankful if I was chosen to receive a 'dream prom'.

I don't ask for much anymore, but this would mean the world to me and my family.

It would help us out so much financially that we would forever be grateful and it would make my senior year a year to remember.