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Dallas mother committed suicide, ME rules

A Dallas woman who was found dead in her home along with her two young children committed suicide, the Dallas medical examiner ruled Tuesday.

Dallas police called the findings preliminary and said their investigation continues.

Jeanmarie Tolle Geis, 49, the daughter of a late Dallas judge, and her children were found dead in their upscale Dallas home the morning of Dec. 19.

Matthew, 8, and Sydney, 4, each had been shot once in the head, and the medical examiner earlier had ruled their deaths homicide.

Like her children, Geis was shot once in the head, the ME said.

Authorities said Frank Geis, the woman's husband and children's father, was at a doctor's office when the deaths occurred.

"We have been in consultation with the ME's Office regarding the preliminary findings of the autopsies of the deceased and at this point we do not have any information that would change our original assessment that this case is a double murder/suicide," said Deputy Chief James Elliston of the Dallas police Crimes Against Persons Division.

"We will not announce an official ruling on the case until the autopsies and our investigation are completed."

Geis had told police that she was being stalked and threatened by men who were out to avenge a case her father, Judge Mark Tolle, had worked.

"There were a lot of things that we were trying to investigate to close the holes and determine exactly what happened," Deputy Chief David Elliston told The Associated Press after the family was found dead. "There were some things that seemed inconsistent, but we continued the investigation to get answers to those questions."