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Graffiti vandals target four locations near Joshua in Johnson County

More than $4,000 of damage resulted from a recent night of graffiti near Joshua, and Johnson County sheriff's deputies are looking for whoever did the spray painting.

Four locations were painted late Friday, Dec. 19, or early Saturday, Dec. 20, said Sgt. Tom Hargrave, a spokesman for the sheriff's office.

The locations were west and northwest of Joshua on County Roads 913 and 1014 and Sundance and Robin Drives, Hargrave said.

"The damage done by the perpetrators in these offenses is believed to be in excess of $4,000," he said. "The spray paint colors used in the graffiti appears to be primarily red and black, although blue was used in at least one of the offenses."

Deputies are asking rural Johnson County residents to be watching for people carrying cans of spray paint or who have spray paint on their hands or clothing, Hargrave said.

He warned people not to confront anyone fitting these descriptions, but to make note of their appearances and vehicle descriptions.

People with information can call sheriff's detectives at 817-556-6058 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-794-TIPS.

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