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Arab group stages rally at Dealey Plaza on Mideast violence

The latest Israeli-Palestinian fighting in the Gaza Strip has prompted Texas members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations to hold a rally and news conference this afternoon at Dealey Plaza in Dallas.

The "Emergency Rally to Save Gaza" was planned from noon to 3 p.m. on the grassy knoll across from the former Texas School Book Depository building. A news conference was scheduled for 2 p.m.

In a news release, the Texas members of CAIR demand that the Bush administration "take immediate steps" to stop Israel from hitting targets in the Gaza Strip.

They also declared that the new Obama administration should "adopt a more even-handed Middle East policy that is in our nation's interest and not just a parroting of Israel's narrow interests."

The rally coincides with the fourth day of the conflict in which Israeli airstrikes have hammered the Gaza Strip and Palestinians have retaliated with rocket and mortar attacks. An estimated 364 Palestinians and three Israelis have died in the violence.