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What Wade Phillips said ... what Wade Phillips could have said

What Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips had to say after the Cowboys’ season-ending 44-6 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, plus what he could have said:

When asked whether he could assess the season overall:

What Wade said: “No, it’s hard right now. We had everything riding on this and we didn’t step up to the plate. It’s hard to look at the whole season right now.”

What Wade could have said: “I didn’t like looking at the season as it happened. Why I would want to look back and see it again?”

On mistakes his team made:

What Wade said: “We started out just kicking the ball out of bounds, first kickoff. It ended up hurting us field position-wise.”

What Wade could have said: “There’s your weekly special teams mess-up quote.”

On what he told his team after the game:

What Wade said: “There’s not much you can say after a game like this.”

What Wade could have said: “All you can do, really, is go home and watch the playoffs on TV.”

On future plans:

What Wade said: “We’ll meet tomorrow.”

What Wade could have said: “Playoff teams practice. Non-playoff teams meet.”

On big plays that went Philadelphia’s way:

What Wade said: “And of course the two [defensive] touchdowns the first two series of the second half, where we got down inside the 20-yard line both times.”

What Wade could have said: “That’s two touchdowns that Philly’s defense scored. So if you take those away, my defense allowed 30 points, not 44.”

On the Cowboys’ preparation for this game:

What Wade said: “I thought we practiced well. We threw the ball well in practice. We did some good things.”

What Wade could have said: “Give Philly’s defense credit — they were better than our scout-team defense.”

On how he thinks quarterback Tony Romo will bounce back from his performance:

What Wade said: “Yeah, I think Tony will come back. He’s a trooper.”

What Wade could have said: “And the way things have gone of late for him, he may wind up being a trooper for a living.”

More on Romo:

What Wade said: “I think next year he’ll have even a better year.”

What Wade could have said: “I sure hope he’ll have a better December.”

On the personal-foul penalty Adam “Pacman” Jones received late in the first half:

What Wade said: “I’m disappointed in any player that gets a penalty ...”

What Wade could have said: “So, yeah, I’ve been disappointed in a lot of players after games this season.”

What Wade said: “... especially when it’s — they’re all crucial — but when it’s right before the half and we have a chance to stop them.”

What Wade could have said: “That was a horrible time for him to make it rain penalty flags.

On how Romo felt physically when he was pulled in the second half:

What Wade said: “I thought he was all right. I think he was all right. He felt a lot better. He was sick a little bit this week, but other than that I think he was all right. He could have played the rest of the game, obviously, but we took him out. So he wasn’t hurt enough that he couldn’t play.”

What Wade could have said: “We were just doing what we thought we needed to do to keep their score down.”