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Dense fog back in the forecast for North Texas

A dense fog advisory expired around noon Wednesday in North Texas, but officials with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth were preparing to issue another one.

The fog capped an arctic weather event that began Sunday evening when freezing temperatures quickly chilled the region, dropping some 50 degrees from the 70s to below freezing.

But warm southerly winds Tuesday brought the mercury above freezing overnight, and also replenished the region with moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.

The moist air collided with cold, dry air, which created condensation in the form of fog, said Nick Hampshire a weather service meteorologist.

Some of the fog went away after lunchtime, so the first dense fog advisory was canceled.

But another one was necessary for Wednesday evening, said Jessica Schultz, also a weather service meteorologist.

She explained that patchy dense fog still held in some areas, and plenty of moisture remained.

"We're only expecting light winds, so there isn't a whole lot of stirring of the air mass," she said.

Therefore, she added, expect more fog.

Temperatures, however, will stay above freezing, so there was no potential for dangerous freezing fog, Schultz said.

The weather service lifted a freezing fog advisory early Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday they were concerned that the misty air would mingle with freezing temperatures overnight and make surfaces dangerously slick, but that didn't happen.

Daytime temperatures will steadily warm to the mid 60s Thursday, the upper 60s Friday and the low 70s on Saturday, the weather service said.