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Burglary suspects nabbed in 'awesome arrest'

FORT WORTH — Officers investigating suspicious goings-on at an east Fort Worth apartment complex tracked theft suspects up through a hole in a closet ceiling and through attic crawl spaces, police said.

Melissa Diane Harrison, 20, and Jacob Jordann Bright, 18, were arrested Wednesday after police found items in their apartment that their neighbor had reported stolen, Lt. Paul Henderson, a police spokesman, said.

Bright also had a "chalk-like substance and dust" on his shorts like what was around a hole in the ceiling of a closet in the apartment, according to a police report.

The theft and arrests took place at the Spanish Gate Apartments at 1200 E. Seminary Drive.

Henderson said it was an "awesome arrest." Here’s what happened, according to a police report:

A man heard noises in his attic. He stepped outside his apartment to check on the noise and returned to find the front door locked.

When he tried to use his key, he found the door was chained, but he forced it open, which prompted his wife to call police.

The first officers to arrive, L.W. Mitchell and M. Moore, went into the apartment and found "a hole in the roof of the closet that the victim stated should not be there."

So the officers climbed up into the hole, through a crawl space and found another hole that led to the suspects’ adjacent apartment.

They got down, went to the front door of that apartment and Harrison opened the door and let the officers search inside.

Bright was lying on a mattress in the bedroom with ceiling debris on him and there was a matching hole in the closet.

Harrison told the officers she found the hole right before they knocked, and she didn’t know anyone had entered her apartment.

Police found a Playstation 2 and a DVD player belonging to the neighbors.

"This was an awesome arrest," Henderson said. "Officer L.W. Mitchell and Officer M. Moore did an outstanding job and deserve some high fives."