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It's cold ... and maybe snowy?

The sleet was fleeting. Garland commuters even spotted some snow. By Wednesday morning, however, the wintry stuff will be just a pleasant dream, or nightmare, depending on your viewpoint.

"It was just some light, flurry activity," said meteorologist Jessica Schultz of the National Weather Service. "It's all gone now."

The smattering of sleet and snow wasn't limited to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Snow fell in the mountains around El Paso and a trace amount of snow fell in the city.

Temperatures fell throughout the day as the storm system moved through the state.

Highs behind the front struggled to get into the 40s and 50s while temperatures ahead of the front were in the 70s and 80s. Gusty winds made the temperatures feel like readings in the teens and 20s.

Tuesday's temperatures, which dropped from a high of 69 to 36 by 10 p.m., should hit freezing by the morning rush hour, so watch out for roads.

By week's end, the brief cold spell should be a memory as temperatures climb from the 40s Wednesday to the 70s by Sunday, Schultz said.